Dental Office Design|Extreme DDS
Lease Space Diagnostic
Extreme DDS will help evaluate a specific lease space’s viability.  Don’t sign a lease unless you know your office requirements will fit!
  • Creativity from an experienced dental interior designer.  Ÿ
  • Adherence to proper zone usage, private, public and staff.Ÿ
  • Aesthetic evaluation of focal points and wall elevations from floor plan stage.Ÿ
  • Proper room sizes for a perfectly functioning and organized dental office and business.Ÿ
  • Handicap accessibility and fire safety compliance.Ÿ
  • Autocad floor plan based on the above.
After checkout, you’ll be required to send an electronic copy of your floor plan (in AutoCAD) or a dimensioned plan for scale.  This service is a “diagnostic” designed to determe if your office requirements will fit in a space.  No revisions are allotted for this service.  If the plan becomes viable and needs to go through a revision and refining process, this would be considered a full Preliminary Design and only the difference would be required for an upgraded service.  
Expected turn-around time: 3-5 business days.
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