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Interior Construction Plans
Dimensioned floor plan, plumbing, electrical, dental equipment specifications, backing details, reflected ceiling plan, cabinet elevations and all selections such as lighting, doors, hardware, etc. (sample set of plans provided upon request)
Fire safety adherence
Handicap accessibility compliance
Detailing construction plans is a process that begins after the Preliminary Layout process.  
Expected turn-around time for a review set of plans:  7-14 business days.

Construction documents include but not exclusive to:

1. Dimensioned floor plan.
2. Plumbing
3. Electrical
4. Reflected ceiling plan
5. Junction box detailing
6. Backing and framing details
7. All plumbing related details including nitrous specs.
8. Electrical details including all conduit and wiring for dental equipment, computer locations and standard office requirements.
9. Standard specifications such as; non-decorative light fixtures, door sizes and types, hardware, plumbing fixtures (toilets, sinks, water fountains, etc)
10. Cabinet elevations
11. Handicap accessibility compliance and specs.
12. Fire Safety details (exit signs and egress lighting)
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