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About Us
Extreme DDS was developed by dental design experts to create a unique service with unbeatable pricing. We are a 100% web-based design service, employing a highly experienced and educated design team while cutting out all over-head, we are able to offer those savings entirely to our clients.  
Having worked for a local architecture firm for several years, and rarely ever leaving the office to visit a site, we quickly realized by becoming entirely digital, we could put money back in the client’s pockets. In just the past year, our business has grown over 100% and continues to be successful in both client satisfaction and quality.  We are based in Florida and have worked from coast to coast both in the USA and Canada and have also completed projects in Australia, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.
When offered "free plans with purchase", ask what level of design and detail you will recieve.  Is it worth it to compromise on a space that needs to not only function properly, generate income, but also worth spending a majority of your time in?

Before you can determine project need a plan.
We have designed hundreds of dental offices, has your local architect?
“Thanks for all your help. This has been an easy and stress free process. You captured exactly what I was looking for in my office design!! I would highly recommend Extreme DDS to anyone looking to design or redesign their space.”
~ Paul Caruso DDS   New York

There are very few design companies, architecture firms or dental suppliers that are experts in both dental design and creative in office design.  We can create a floor plan that combines the proper space requirements for functionality, precise dental equipment placement and maintaining the creative elements that best fit your practice.  We deliver the same quality and expertise for much less than an architect or without requiring thousands of dollars spent on equipment to qualify for basic plans.
With our national company we can develop an interior design layout to meet your dental office space plan needs.  We have designed hundreds of dental offices for decades with our experience in both working for an architecture firm and owning a dental construction company.  Extreme DDS is an affordable dental office design and interior design service that has worked with dental equipment suppliers, construction contractors, dentists and interior designers to create unique concept plans and preliminary plans for all dental practices.  Our finished dental facilities are unique, adhere to dentists and specific dental practices and offer an affordable alternative to hiring a local architect to develop an interior design for a dental office when it is not their specialty.
Meet the Owner
Susan Hughes - Interior Designer/Owner
Hometown:        Detroit, Michigan
College:               Atlanta, Georgia
Extreme DDS:    Palm Coast, Florida
Graduating at the top of her class in interior design at The Art Institute of Atlanta, Susan is an award-winner at her craft.  Sixteen years of serving only the dental community, her projects can be found scattered across the United States and Canada.  Susan started her design career working for a dental architecture and design firm where she helped develop dental office floor plans, place dental equipment and drew construction documents for hundreds of dental offices.  Susan’s innate ability to extract the client’s tastes, preferences and style, result in the facilities that doctors love to work in and show off.  As an exclusive agent for Extreme DDS, she ensures each project is showcase-worthy.
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