Dental Office Design|Extreme DDS
Form vs. Function.
We do not sell equipment.  Our designs are based solely on an optimal functioning dental practice, specific to each specialty and their needs.  We also take the process a step further by enhancing each project based on personal design style as well as local/patient preferences!  We advise on the best utilization of space, with recognition of working space needed in treatment areas, as well as flow through the office, task areas, patient comfort and staff/doctor needs.  We do not try to cram in as much as possible in an effort to sell more equipment, and make every effort to design a space with maximum efficiency and minimum frustration or wasted space.      
Early Planning
From negotiating a lease space or determining the purchase of land, to contractor selection, equipment selection and engineering, the planning process is essential to the entire project.  Starting with developing the floor plan and getting to the permitting process, planning can take up to 50% of a project's timeline!  Having the necessary time to plan just the way you want it, can help streamline the construction process and save on field changes and construction hassles.     
About Us
Extreme DDS was developed by dental design experts to create a unique service with unbeatable pricing.
We are a 100% web-based design service, employing a highly experienced and educated design team while cutting out all over-head, we are able to offer affordable pricing.  Having worked for a regional architecture firm for several years, and rarely ever leaving the office to visit a site, we quickly realized by becoming entirely digital, we could put money back in the client’s pockets.
Our business continues to be successful in both client satisfaction and quality.  Our process is easy and stress free.  We are based in Florida and have worked from coast to coast both in the USA and Canada while recently adding Australia, Vanuatu, China and Abu Dhabi to our growing list of project locations.
International Design
The practice and ergonomics of dentistry does not change when crossing a border.  While every region will have varying codes and laws dictating how many accessible spaces or minimum widths for clearences, the principals of design remain the same, standard or metric.